Terms & Conditions

1. The Program is only available on the PIKOM Tech Marketplace. 

2. PIKOM Tech Marketplace reserves the right to:

    (a) disqualify any fraudulent users; and

    (b) suspend any accounts and/or remove any cash voucher’s awarded if PIKOM Tech Marketplace notices any abusive or fraudulent activity (e.g. abuse of the system), which has violated the PIKOM Tech Marketplace Terms and Conditions.

3. By participating in the Program, the user confirms that they have read, understood, and agreed to the Program mechanics and all its related terms and conditions.

4. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, all PIKOM Tech Marketplace users (the “Referrer”) can refer new users (the “Referee”) to the Program and receive cash voucher rewards.

5. The Referrer can receive a cash voucher of up to RM10 after a minimum of 3 successful Referrer’s have been signed up for the Program. The RM10 cash voucher is a one-time reward for each Referrer. 

6. The Referrer can continue to share the referral code or link (“Referral Code”) with other new users after 3 successful Referees have signed up for the Program but no extra cash voucher will be rewarded.

7. A RM10 cash voucher will be automatically credited to the Referrer's account only after a minimum of three Referees have signed up for the Program with the Referral Code on the PIKOM Tech Marketplace. 

8. The rewarded RM10 cash vouchers shall be valid for two months after being awarded to the Referrer and is for one-time usage only.

9. Only new users who have never registered on the PIKOM Tech Marketplace are qualified to use the Referral Code to register or create a new user account.

10. The Referral Code can be used multiple times by new users to create new user accounts on the PIKOM Tech Marketplace.

11. A Referee can receive a cash voucher of up to RM7 cash voucher after successfully signing up for a new account with a Referral Code in the PIKOM Tech Marketplace. 

12. New users who have created new accounts without filling in the Referral Code shall not be entitled for the RM7 cash vouchers.

13. The RM7 cash voucher will be automatically be credited to the Referee’s account.

14. For the first purchase made by the Referee on the PIKOM Tech Marketplace, the Referrer shall be entitled to a cash voucher based on the following amounts:

    (a) RM15 when the Referee purchases goods with the value between RM100 to RM2,499; or

    (b) RM100 when the Referee purchases goods of the value between RM2,500 and above on the PIKOM Tech Marketplace.

15. A voucher code for the cash voucher’s referred to in 14(a) and (b) above will be provided to the Referrer after the Referee has received their first order. 

16. No refund and/or exchange is allowed after the Referrer has received the cash voucher. The Cash voucher is redeemable at check out.

17. All cash vouchers shall be valid for two months after being awarded and the is for one-time usage only. No extension of time will be granted upon the expiration date of the cash vouchers.

18. All cash vouchers awarded cannot be exchanged for cash.

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