1. 100% Authentic Product Guarantee ("Authentic Product Guarantee”) is a guarantee provided by a supplier (“Supplier”) on the PIKOM Tech Marketplace (“Marketplace”) to a buyer on the Marketplace for the authenticity of the products listed on the Marketplace. 

2. PIKOM does not guarantee or accept any responsibility for the legality or the authenticity of any items listed by a Supplier on the Marketplace. PIKOM is not a party to any purchase or contract entered between a Buyer and a Supplier on the Marketplace and accepts no obligations in connection with any such contract

3. The Authentic Product Guarantee applies to all the products listed on the Marketplace and is supported by the 100% Product Refund Guarantee (“Product Refund Guarantee”) where the Supplier shall bear the cost of the refund to the Buyer of any counterfeit product purchased by the Buyer from the Supplier if the product purchased from the Marketplace is found to be counterfeit.

4. The Authentic Product Guarantee is only valid for orders with complete payment and the item must have been received by the Buyer. The Buyer must submit a return and refund request within forty-eight (48) hours after receiving the item(s) and/or upon confirmation from the logistics partner.

5. The Buyer must state the reason why the product is suspected to be counterfeit which shall, include but not limited to the following evidence:

  1. Photos showing that the product received is different from an authentic product; and/or
  2. A statement from the company or brand indicating that the item is not authentic; and/or
  3. Any other evidence that supports the fact that the product received is indeed a counterfeit product.

6. PIKOM will review the return request and revert via email notification with a decision within 7 working days of submission of return request.

7. After a return request is confirmed by PIKOM, the Buyer must at his own expense, ship the item to a location designated by PIKOM for further investigation, and PIKOM Support Team will contact the Buyer and Supplier via WhatsApp or email. PIKOM and the Supplier will then carry out an evaluation/ inspection on the alleged item to determine its authenticity.

8. If the product is declared authentic by the PIKOM team, PIKOM or the Supplier will at their own expense return the product to the Buyer after inspection and the Buyer is not entitled to claim under the Product Refund Guarantee.

9. If the product is determined by PIKOM to be counterfeit, PIKOM will return the product to the Supplier, and the Buyer will be eligible to claim a full refund under the Product Refund Guarantee.

10. The Buyer shall ensure the product(s) are shipped to PIKOM in the following conditions:

  1. New/unused condition;
  2. Complete (for returning Cellphone & Accessories products must be accompanied by other components, such as chargers, batteries, etc.);
  3. Not damaged; and Tags and labels are still attached.

11. The refund amount would be refunded to the Buyer's credit/debit/bank account, depending on the mode of payment made.

12. PIKOM reserves the right to not disclose the reasons for unsuccessful claims under the Product Refund Guarantee and reject any claims from users who exhibit abusive behaviours or are suspected of fraudulent conduct.

13. Terms and conditions set out herein are subjected to change without prior notice.

14. Notwithstanding the above, other terms and conditions or policies under the  Marketplace shall remain binding. 

PIKOM 100% Authentic Product Policy

1. Under the 100% Authentic Product Guarantee (“Authentic Product Guarantee”), all the products listed on PIKOM Tech Marketplace (“Marketplace”) must be 100% authentic.

2. Counterfeit products are prohibited from being listed on the Marketplace. The term “counterfeit” encompasses a product that was made in exact imitation of an existing brand with the intention to deceive or defraud and may include, but is not limited to:

  • A product that violates any local country laws in which they are sold;
  • A product that is a fake or a replica of an existing official product;
  • A product that has never been produced by a specific brand;
  • A product that is significantly under-priced;
  • A product containing a registered trademark on the product, the packaging or anywhere related to the product without the authorization of the trademark owner;
  • A product that contains specific design elements (e.g. cartoon characters or colourways) protected by a trademark; without the authorization of the trademark owner;
  • A product that bears such similarities with other products (e.g. a replica of a branded item with or without altered logos) without the authorization of the trademark owner;
  • A product that has no visible trademark on the product image on the listing, but the delivered product includes a trademark; and
  • Usage of a photo on the listing that contains the trademark of a brand.

3. Original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) brands are permitted as long as no official brand logo is displayed on any OEM product image and no official brand name is stated in any part of the product information.

4. If requested by PIKOM, a supplier on the Marketplace (“Supplier”) shall promptly provide documentation to PIKOM that proves, to PIKOM’s reasonable satisfaction, the authenticity of the items listed, including but not limited to the manufacturer sales invoices, the authorized distribution agreements and/or the certificates of authenticity (“Proof of Authenticity”).

5. If the Supplier fails to provide Proof of Authenticity, the Supplier shall:

  1. accept the return of the Item from any buyer on the Marketplace who has purchased the product from the Supplier (“Buyer”);
  2. refund to the Buyer the full amount of the item purchased or where PIKOM has already refunded the amount to the Buyer, the Supplier shall refund such amount to PIKOM; and
  3. be liable to compensate PIKOM for such other costs, expenses, losses and liabilities suffered or incurred by PIKOM, including but not limited to loss of goodwill as determined at PIKOM’s sole discretion.

6. In the event that PIKOM determines, at its sole discretion, that Supplier has the 100% Authentic Product Policy, PIKOM may take all appropriate measures, including but not limited to removing the counterfeit item listing from the Marketplace, prohibiting the publication of the same or similar goods and/or restricting, suspending or terminating the Supplier's Marketplace account and/or access to the Marketplace. The Supplier's obligations and liabilities under these Terms of Service will not be affected by the restriction, suspension or termination of its account.

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