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  • English
  • Sains (Bahasa Melayu)
  • Matematik (Bahasa Melayu) 




Livestream & Recorded Classes

- Accessible tutoring for Form 1 - 5 subjects from the comfort of your home. Our teachers are well-trained in the National curriculum and are equipped with the skills to develop positive learning with students. 

Question Bank System

- Our robust learning system allows students to access countless study materials for revision and continuous improvement, with over 1000+ practice questions for all subjects.

Attention Monitoring

-Stay informed every week with a personalised detailed analysis of students' progress, and attention monitoring during lessons. 

Gamified & Self-Paced Learning

- Our classes are planned and designed based on the diverse individual needs of learning, creating the flexibility for each learner to progress well at their own pace.

Get Rewarded Through Learning 

- We believe every student has the potential to achieve the best version of themselves. Build the initiative to learn and unlock rewards and prizes every time you meet a milestone.

Education 4.0

-We embrace educational technology (EdTech) to enhance students’ learning experience and absorption via powerful analytics on their engagements, progress, strengths and weaknesses.


How to use Tavis:

Step 1: Click below to download the Tavis app and install it on your computer. ➢ Sign in the app by using your login credentials.

Step 2: ➢ Once you have signed in, click on the “Classes” tab.  ➢ Select the classes that you would like to join.

Step 3: Once the subject is selected, click on Enroll For Free. ➢ To add on more subjects, click on Classes again and repeat the same steps.

Step 4: View the class schedule at Dashboard. For the best learning experience, it is recommended to enter the class 10 minutes before the start time. ➢ A reminder will be sent via SMS 15 minutes before the class start time.


**Our cut-off date is on every 25th of the month, whereby students who enrolled for the free trial from 1st to 24th of the month will be able to join classes until 30th/31st of the month. Students who enrolled for the free trial from 25th to 30th/31st will be able to join classes from 1st of the following month.


Tavis is formed with former mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz, as part of the company's Board of Directors, with a personal and company goal to give back to all youths in Malaysia. At Tavis, we uphold the vision and mission to provide quality, accessible & affordable education to every student in Malaysia, while creating the opportunities for students to grow with Education Technology (EdTech), developing them with important 21st Century Skills.


Since Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020, the direction for education has changed drastically, and Tavis is created with the idea to further change and enhance the education movement in Malaysia.

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